Who we are

Traffic Optimiser, founded in 2009, is a digital marketing agency based in London, with offices in Poznan, Budapest, Melbourne and Santiago. Unlike your typical digital marketing agency, we specialise in multilingual digital marketing covering 24 in-house languages.

Since arriving on the digital marketing scene in 2009, Traffic Optimiser has established itself ahead of the rest by not only keeping hot on the tails of all the latest SEO and social media trends but by understanding our clients’ brand and needs to implement successful campaigns around the world. Our trusted team of linguists-cum-digital marketing experts know exactly what is needed to succeed in search and content landscapes across a melting pot of markets – ensuring that your brand is not only optimised but is successfully represented worldwide.

In this blog we’ll be keeping a close eye on all the latest digital marketing trends and updates across the globe as well as pitching in our own thoughts on the shape of the digital world today.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on our posts in the form of comments and questions, or drop us a line at: info@trafficoptimiser.com.   

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