Friday, 8 August 2014

What's Hot in Digital This Week? Here's Our Weekly News Round-Up

As always, here at Traffic Optimiser we're hot on the tails of the most important news in digital, social and SEO. Once again, we've rounded up a fine-tuned selection of all the most important news bites

Locally, in the USA…

The new Google Local Search Algorithm has recently been released, allowing users to receive more accurate and relevant local searches. This algorithm works more closely with Google Hummingbird, meaning a huge amount of data is being used to produce these more accurate results, giving high ranking sites (such as TripAdvisor and Yelp) a bit of a leg up in terms of results.

Printing Meals

The US army is currently working on a 3D print that will be able to print enough nourishing food for all soldiers on the front line. Food has already started to be printed in the 3D printing business, mostly in the form of sugary treats and acutely precise edible decoration, but this could mean a whole new ball game. If successful, this endeavour could save huge amounts of money importing food into war zones.

Check Before You Post

Sackings and warnings due to misconduct on social media are becoming more and more prominent in the UK. Though there are already laws in place around the misuse of social media but also around everybody’s right to post freely, there are an increasing number of demands for new laws to be created after a number of incidents of people getting fired in Wales over inappropriate content

Optimise Your News

Google gives site owners more control over how their content shows up in Google News with their new tool, Publisher Centre. After authorising ownership of their site, users can make changes to Google’s record of their news site, meaning Google News will be kept up to date on the changes made to various news sites. This tool is a great addition for publishers, who previously would have to hassle the Google News team to make changes. Though it’s only currently available in the USA, Google hopes to introduce it elsewhere soon.

“Right to be Forgotten” vs “Censorship

After receiving news that Google has already been asked to remove five links to Wikipedia, it appears that Wikipedia are fighting back, claiming that history is a human right and that censorship of that history is one of the worst things that can be done. They’ve posted online the notices of the five link removals and promise to continue fighting back against the “right to be forgotten” laws.

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