Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What's Hot in Digital? Here's Our Weekly News Round-Up

by Elizabeth Finney

Hello ladies and gents, welcome to Traffic Optimiser’s weekly round up, where we delve into all the latest happenings in the world of digital. Why Have Diamonds When You Can Have…
There have been strong rumours circulating the new iPhone 6 and the potential for a sapphire glass display rather than Gorilla glass. It’s harder and more durable than the screens of the iPhone 5, though it is said that the Arizona-based supplier may not be able to produce enough displays to meet demand on initial release. The iPhone 6 is going to be marketed in two sizes, the larger of the two potentially not being released until 2015, so the smaller screen would gain sapphire screen priority. Matt Cutts on Leave
It’s common knowledge by now that Google's head of spam Matt Cutts is taking a leave of absence. However he was recently spotted as a passenger in a Google self-driving car. The spam bossman wrote on Twitter: "I've been in one of the highway-cruising models. I haven't gotten to try the 25 mph variety yet." Exciting stuff. “Sadvertising”
Social media advertising has seen a boom in the past few months, using emotive and potentially viral content as their advertising bait. Once upon a time we could expect an onslaught of amusing clips, but now it seems that advertisers want social media consumers to get some serious “feels”. Away with the blatant sales pitch, in with the tear-jerking stories “combating” issues people have decided to care about. Google Faces
Developers can now design their own watch faces for Android wearable tech, as announced by Google this week. Android Wear, Google’s own version of its Android operating system for smart watches, was launched last month, allowing users to deal with calls, notifications and texts from their wrist using voice commands. The reasoning behind the allowance for a variety of styles is the fact that variety is exactly what has allowed Android to thrive. Smart Contact Lenses
Google has struck up an agreement with the Swiss drug maker Novartis to create a range of "smart" contact lenses. These will help diabetics and those with similar ailments track their blood glucose levels in tear fluid, sending data wirelessly to their mobile device, as well as restoring the eye’s ability to focus. A slightly less invasive method than pricking one’s finger up to ten times a day. Hacker Competition
Security consultancy firm Independent Security Evaluators and advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation have created a competition that requires hackers and researchers to demonstrate vulnerabilities in popular wireless routers. The prizes have not been announced, but the hope is that this competition will shine a light on off the shelf router vulnerabilities.

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