Thursday, 10 July 2014

What's Hot in Digital? Here's Our Weekly News Round-Up

by Elizabeth Finney

It may well nearly be the weekend but as ever, the undulating world of SEO, marketing and social media continues to move on unhindered. As always, we’re hot on the tails of the all the latest updates, announcements and trends, so here’s our pick of the bunch in the form of a selected round up of some of last week’s highlights in the world of digital.

“Ok Google”

Google is stampeding towards the once futuristic world of voice control searches, announcing its latest “Ok Google” command for Android-powered devices. It allows users to control a multitude of functions within the Android platform.


Bing has announced a new partnership with Twitter, meaning that it will include @ handles and hashtags within search results. Trending topics will therefore be easily accessible to Bing users all thanks to this new search tool.

Yahoo Revamps Services

Yahoo has announced yet more changes and product cuts. This includes replacing the current Yahoo Toolbar with a Yahoo Extension for Chrome at the end of July and the shutting down of Yahoo Voices and the Yahoo Contributor Network. “By focusing our energy on Yahoo’s four core areas — Search, Communications, Digital Magazines and Video — and the two incredible engines that power them, Flickr and Tumblr, we can make a bigger impact on the things people do everyday.”

Ebay & Argos Collaborate

Following a very popular trial period, Argos’s “Click & Collect” will now be a delivery option from eBay’s eligible sellers at around 650 Argos locations. They are hoping to expand this service to more than 65,000 sellers by the beginning of 2015 and to more than 80,000 sellers by the beginning of 2016.

Consumers Don’t Want to be Pushed

Approximately 31% of smartphone owners in the UK have disabled push notifications on their mobile devices, either because they disliked being constantly ‘notified’ or because they don’t really understand what push notifications are. Hopefully the latter will learn the magic of the push notification, but failing that, social media can focus on the two-thirds of people who do have the feature enabled.

Google Stops Showing Authors’ Pics

What with more and more guest blogging tactics being rumbled, authorship seems to be the next step in retaining quality and authenticity. Despite the recent removal of author photos from search results, Google+ validated writers are still feeling the rewards from Google, so as long as businesses are posting real and interesting information rather than low quality pieces, these writers will remain on top of the ranking game.

Image credit: mkhmarketing


  1. Great idea! Publish this kind of posts more often :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Zofia - we sure will. To be honest there's so much daily news in digital that we're spoiled for choice!