Friday, 4 July 2014

The Top 5 Must-Follow World Cup Accounts on Twitter

As the social media revolution continues to push on in full swing, one particularly outstanding aspect of its simultaneous evolution has been some of the wonderful things we’ve seen on Twitter. Over the years, Twitter has developed into a seemingly endless palette of potential in regard to content marketing and PR activity for a number of brands and causes.
Since its inception in 2006, we’ve come to know Twitter as a rich source of a variety of information ranging from breaking news updates, celebrity meltdowns, jokes, memes, and just about anything and everything under the sun.

From a digital marketing point of view, Twitter has allowed brands to latch on to the latest trends and topics and, through highly creative means, twist and turn them into little gems of bite-sized promotional content among other things. Over the years, this has seen the likes of promoted tweets and hashtags kick-starting anything from debate to anticipation with PR and marketing in mind. More recently, and as it’s a World Cup themed blog, it would be impossible not to mention the storm of Luis Suarez bite memes that saw the likes of Snickers, McDonald’s Budweiser and Nando’s all earn PR kudos and chew off a piece of the fun.

From a creative perspective, Twitter has established itself as a goldmine of possibilities for all kinds of alternative campaigns and strategies, and we’ve seen time and time again the speed at which Twitter content can go viral if it’s promoted correctly.

Anyway, following on with the theme of the World Cup, I’ve compiled a list below of my favourite World Cup/football related Twitter accounts that exhibit the very best of what Twitter can do in terms of content ingenuity.

1) Soccer Guy

The ultimate US sports parody account. Soccer Guy delivers real time match summaries in the form of hilariously hyperbolic tweets which incorporate his own terminology (including “goalshot”, “headkick”, “denial flag” and “equalization”) that could so easily spew from the mouth of any over-excited ESPN commentator.

2) Boring James Milner

England’s trusty yet oh-so-underwhelming utility man has fallen foul to parody in the most emphatic fashion on Twitter. Boring James Milner sees tweets that present the midfielder in a light of sheer childlike innocence and ignorance as he bumbles his way around the training ground with quips and jokes of Christmas cracker-esque candour. The feature spawned a series of similar “Boring” accounts, with the likes of Boring Gary Cahill and Boring Andy Murray all proving popular in recent months.

3) Joey Barton

When he’s not busy involved in on and off-field spates or violence or casually blurting out sexist comments on Question Time, “Football’s King Philosopher” maintains a highly active and thoroughly entertaining Twitter account. It’s here that the controversial midfielder offers up a divine mixture of top-draw banter, sharp critique on matters both football and topical as well as scathing attacks on his contemporaries; players, pundits and all.

4) OptaJoe

For all you stat lovers out there, OptaJoe is the go-to place for all the best alternative and quirky football stats that you won’t hear from your average monotone BBC pundit (Phil Neville, I’m looking at you). Should you happen to watching any particular match at one time, a quick look at OptaJoe will offer up a bombardment of facts both brilliant and bizarre: perhaps a welcome break in the schedule for all you number-crunching technical SEOs out there!

5) You’ve Been Hodged

Creepy yet executed with Photoshop skills to die for, You’ve Been Hodged sees everyone from football players to politicians and even the World Cup Trophy itself given a makeover with the owlish features of revered England coach Roy Hodgson superimposed upon them. The results are either the stuff of nightmares or, well, the stuff of nightmares.

If you happen to know of any more entertaining World Cup or footballer-related Twitter accounts that aren’t featured above, or simply wish to share an account that does justice to what Twitter can do, then please feel free to share it in the comments section below!

Image credit: marek.sotak

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