Friday, 30 May 2014

The Written Content Conundrum: Does Journalism Hold all the Answers?

Many of us by now have probably laid eyes on Econsultancy’s Periodic Table of Content Marketing, the smart infographic which breaks down all the key components (or elements) that are sure to be a feature and consideration of any content marketing campaign. While this pretty piece of content itself does a decent job of providing a colourful reminder of what most good content marketers know to be second nature, it offers up little more save for an unanswered chasm of what good content actually is.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Search-scopes from Afar: Expanding Eastward

As the eye of the global economy manoeuvers in an increasingly easterly direction, the search-scopes and social media environments of countries such as China and South Korea are becoming ever more prevalent. Nowadays, names such as Naver, Baidu and Weibo are whispered more and more amid the ranks of SEOs worldwide, who in turn convey an increasingly high value in the understanding of how to undertake successful digital marketing strategies for the Asian zone.